Every year we get asked many questions here is a selection of those we get asked most.

Do you accept phone orders:- Yes, we can be contacted 01189340011/07557530845

Can I add to my order without paying extra delivery:- Yes no problem just drop us an email with the additions and we will get back to you.

Are Lilies poisonous to cats:- Yes, especially the pollen, normally lilies cause no problems in a garden, we have five cats five at our Nursery and have never had any problems, but the risk is there.

What do I feed my Lilies with and how often:- Tomato feed, at about 2-week intervals, starting in May, stop feeding when the plants start to die down.

What do I do with my Lilies when they have finished flowering:- Don't cut the stems down until the leaves have gone brown, they are needed to feed the bulb.

Can I store my Lily bulbs dry in Winter:- No, this will kill them, Lilies like to be moist at all times.

My Allium's only survived for one year:- Allium bulbs like to be dry after flowering, dig them up and replant them in the Autumn.

Is it best to dig Tulip bulbs up after they have flowered:- Yes, once they have died down, dig up the bulbs and store somewhere warm and dry for the Summer, throw away any small bulbs as they are unlikely to flower.

Do Daffodils like shade:- No, bulbs planted in the shade tend to only flower in the first season, they need sun to ripen the bulbs.