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Sunshine along with Sunset were the two original varieties in the 'Sun' Series of Intichancha alstroemeria which in 2024 will consist of four varieties, they differ from other Intichancha varieties in the fact that they are very resilient to high Summer temperatures. As with the other three varieties Sunset is a good choice for growing in a large container on a Patio or indeed in a flower bed. Same dwarf habit as our other Inticanchas with flowering stems up to 30 cm tall. Best with some form of protection in Winter.  Inticancha and Inca alastroemeria are hardy down to -5 so they will need some protection in winter as we often get to -8.

We are now taking orders for our next batch of plants which will be ready for shipping in around 3 weeks, grown in 11cm pots that can be planted straight outside. 

2025 Available as jumbo plugs and plants in 11cm pots from mid-May.

We only supply Jumbo plugs in March they are a good way to save money for experienced gardeners who can grow them in a heated greenhouse, but they are not suitable for planting straight outside. We recommend planting them into 11cm pots upon arrival and keeping them at a minimum temperature of 12c, by around the middle of May they should be ready for planting outside.

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