Artic Bells

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Every year we receive many trial varieties, some don't 'make the grade', but others do, Arctic Bells 'ticked all the boxes', much more so than either Julia Jane or Spoirot. Each bulb will produce several flowers, which they first open are pale cream, slowly turning to ivory white. Flowering starts around the middle of February and last for weeks, it grows to around 15cm tall, and likes to be dry and warm in Summer after the foliage has died down. A form of narcissus bulbocodium, with which it shares the same delicate petticoat flower form.

It has flowered every spring for the last three years in our trial gardens and looks very reliable, the one thing it will hate, is one of the new composts that keep too wet in winter, so if you are planting it in pots keep an eye on them so they don't rot

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