Sir Winston Churchill

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Sir Winston Churchill is fast-growing, it has The RHS Award of Garden Merit, double multi-headed flowers with a delightful scent, and creamy-white flowers have a hint of golden yellow at the bottom of the petals. This is an heirloom daffodil, it likes being planted quite deep 10-15cm or 4-6'' in old money. Be careful if picking them as some people can be allergic to them, taller than some of the multi-head daffodils, height 45cm

we have put these in the large flower category, each flower is not big but they make a big plant 

They like a nice sunny site in free-draining soil or compost, if the bulbs are waterlogged for too long they can rot

Like all narcissus/daffodils, you must let them die back naturally before you cut them down 


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