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Sinopel is a Narcissus that deserves a prime position in any garden, a spot where everyone can admire its perfume and super flowers. Quite an old variety, being bred in the USA back in 1976, you could say it has proven itself over the years. Replaces Green Eyed Lady in our selection, for two reasons, Sinopel's bulbs are not prone to base rot (Green Eyed Lady is) and the flowers are more stunning. it is the green form of Pheasant eye. The first flowers often appear in late March and last for several weeks. Height 35-40 cm.

They like a nice sunny site in free-draining soil or compost, it the bulbs are waterlogged for too long they can rot

Like all narcissus/daffodils, you must let them die back naturally before you cut them down 

group 3 W-WWY

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