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New for 2019, very good for naturalizing,  sometimes called the Tenby Daffodil, and can still be seen growing wild in some parts of South Wales. Pure yellow flowers, short, only get up to 20-25 cm on the nursery, perfect for under-planting in a lawn. we have planted some here on the nursery in the lawn and have found they do really well, just remember don't put them in a spot you wish to mow early in the year as you need to let the leaves die down before you can mow there or you are reducing the number of flowers you will get the following year. Unlike some of the modern hybrids, they will grow in part shade and full sun and put on a lovely display year after year. 

It has flowered every spring for the last four years and looks very reliable, we get more and more flowers every year. We have even planted them under an oak tree and they still come up every year and flower for us.

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