Lady Alice

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Lady Alice is one of the few Lilies we offer that is seed-raised. Most Lilies are propagated by a process called 'scaling', new bulbs created this way are identical clones, with seed-raised bulbs everyone is different. If you plant for instance 100 bulbs of 'Lady Alice' everyone will have slightly different flowers, some of the petals may reflex more, and others might be nearly white, or pure orange, you are never sure which you will get. 'Lady Alice' bulbs like those of 'Orienpets' take time to establish, don't be disappointed if they don't grow well in the first year. 'Lady Alice' can grow to over 1.5 meters tall, but here at our Nursery in Berkshire, it's normally shorter. Flowers from early August onward. Bulb size 20/22cm.

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