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Fusion, east meets the West, Lilium longiflorum originates from the far East, while Lilium pardalinum comes from the USA. Until modern breeding techniques were developed, hybrids between such widely varying species, were impossible. 'Fusion' is the first such hybrid. When seedlings are selected they are at first given breeding codes, 'Fusion's' code was, 3080-267, it is only when bulbs become available that these codes are changed to names. Long strong stems topped with widely spaced, unscented flowers. Grows to about 1m tall, is very, very easy to grow, not fussy about soil type and the rhizomes divide freely, producing big clumps very quickly. Here in the U.K. in a normal season, we expect to see the first flowers in early July, like Martagon Lilies Fusion's leaves are in whorls. Bulb size 16/18cm.

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