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Gold Cup will brighten any garden, very large, glowing 'buttercup' yellow flowers, held aloft big stately leaves, a great feature plant for a large container, or a focal point in the border. Tends to produce fewer flowers than Captain Morelli, having said this, they are bigger and a touch deeper. Calla Lilies are easy to grow providing the soil is well drained and fertile, they dislike heavy soils, in which the corms rot quickly. In recent years they have become very popular, both as pot plants and long lasting cut flowers. Corms are best started off in pots, either in a warm greenhouse/conservatory and moved outside once the risks of frosts has gone. For one corm we would recommend about a 20 cm pot, filled with good quality compost. Flowers are produced from around the end of June, until the first frosts. In the Autumn when the foliage has died back lift the corms and store them somewhere dry and warm for the Winter, replant them in the following Spring. Supplied as extra large size 20 cm + corms.

  • 1-2: £5.00
  • 3+: £4.50
Free draining soil or multipurpose compost
Full sun
Zantedeschia Calla Lilies
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