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Tiny Parrot

  • Tiny Parrot
  • Tiny Parrot

We often exhibit 'Tiny Parrot' and 'Tiny Nugget' at the same show, which one gets the most attention from visitors, is anyone's guess. Because at some shows 'Tiny parrot' will be in high demand, while at the next, visitors will want 'Tiny Nugget', almost to the point of ignoring the other one. 'Tiny Parrot' produces well marked flower's from around the middle of June, very dwarf, here on our nursery often under 30 cm's tall. Dwarf asiatics make great container plants, but if you want scent then we would recommend trying some of our Dwarf Orientals. Bulb size 14 cm +.

  • 1-2: £1.50
  • 3-4: £1.25
  • 5+: £1.00
Pink, White
Free draining, Alkaline soil or Multipurpose compost
Full sun/ part shade
Dwarf, Tiny Series
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