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Lilium speciosum rubrum

  • Lilium speciosum rubrum
  • Lilium speciosum rubrum

Lilium speciosum rubrum has been widely used in the creation of many modern-day Oriental hybrids. Species lilies tend to be not showy as hybrids, but many are well worth trying. The flowers of 'Lilium speciosum rubrum' are medium-sized and Turk's cap in form, each flower is about 8 Cm's in diameter, like all speciosums 'Lilium speciosum rubrum' is also very sweetly scented. Speciosums are some of the latest flowering of all Lilies, often not starting until late August/September. Newly planted bulbs grow to about 1 metre, in the first season, once established they can get to about 1.5 metres the stems often need some form of support. Need well-drained acidic soil, can be grown in containers providing they are filled with ericaceous compost. Bulb size 14/16 cm.

  • 1-2: £2.50
  • 3+: £1.75
Free draining, Acidic soil or Ericaceous compost
Full sun
Oriental, Specie
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