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Lilium speciosum alba

  • Lilium speciosum alba
  • Lilium speciosum alba

Lilium speciosum alba is just one of the parents to many of our modern day Oriental hybrids, not as showy as them, but well worth growing. 'Lilium speciosum alba' originates from Japan, where visitors may well be lucky in seeing it growing. Produces, pure white, medium sized Turk Cap flowers, which are about 8 Cm's in diameter, very sweetly scented. Speciosums are some of the latest flowering of all Lilies, often not starting until late August or even September. Newly planted bulbs grow to about 1 metre tall, in the first season, once established they can get to about 1.5 metres the stems often need some form of support. Like well drained acidic soil. Bulb size 20 cm + .



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  • 5+: £1.50
Free draining, Acidic soil or Ericaceous compost
Full sun
Oriental, Specie
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