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Lilium duchartrei

  • Lilium duchartrei
  • Lilium duchartrei

Lilium duchartrei the so called 'Marbled Martagon', originates from the meadows of China. It's Small 5 cm flowers are lightly scented and vary from being heavily spotted with purple, to almost pure white. Unlike most Lilies this stunning species is 'stoloniferous', this means that the new shoots wander along in the soil before emerging, great care must be taken not to damage the young shoots when they appear in unexpected areas. Newly planted bulbs tend to grow about 50 Cm's tall, when established they can get to about 1 metre. Likes a well drained humus rich soil with plenty of leaf mould, in which it's stems can wander freely. Naturally grows from small pure white bulbs that are only between 2 to 4 Cm's in diameter.

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Violet, White
Free draining, Alkaline soil or Multipurpose compost
Full sun
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