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Roselily Samantha

  • Roselily Samantha
  • Roselily Samantha
  • Roselily Samantha

Roselily Samantha proved to be nothing short of stunning in H.W.Hyde's 2016 trials, wow, what a great addition. Of all the new Roselily's we trialed that year, three stood out, 'Roselily Aisha', Roselily Pamela, and of course this one 'Roselily Samantha'. Visitors to the BBC Gardeners World Show, were captivated by 'Roselily Samantha', unfortunately, at that time we had sold out of bulbs. Very strong thick stems that never seem to get taller than 60 cm, plus big flowers, what more could you ask for. Well personally we would like to be able to get plants to flower in time for the Chelsea Flower Show, this will be difficult, as 'Roselily Samantha' is latest Roselily to flower. Although all our largest sized Samantha bulbs are now reserved for this year, we do have some smaller bulbs available, these are now on sale, at a special price.

  • 1-2: £1.50
  • 3-4: £1.25
  • 5+: £1.00
Pink, White
Free draining, Acidic soil or Ericaceous compost
Full sun/ part shade
Oriental, Roselily
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