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Roselily patricia

Roselily patricia

Roselily Patricia, we first grew this variety in 2016, at that time all we knew about it was that the flowers were similar in colour to 'Roselily Elena', this has proved to be correct. The stems of 'Roselily Patricia' are very strong and grow to about 80 cm's tall. Like all Roselilies 'Roselily Patricia' is a 'Lime hater', this means it likes an acidic soil. if your soil is not acidic then a pot filled with ericaceous is perfect. Flowers from the middle of July. Offered as size 16/18 bulbs.

  • 1-2: £3.00
  • 3-4: £2.30
  • 5+: £2.00
Free draining, Acidic soil or Ericaceous compost
Full sun/ part shade
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