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Roselily Anouska

  • Roselily Anouska
  • Roselily Anouska
  • Roselily Anouska

Roselily Anouska, during 2016 here at H.W.Hyde's Nursery in Ruscombe we trialed 30 new Roselily varieties, 'Roselily Anouska' was not included in our trials. So it was mid June by the time we saw Anouska flowering in Holland, lovely big, pink edged flowers and pollen. That's right, unlike other roselilies, 'Roselily Anouska' is not pollen free. Because of this there was some discussion as to whether or not Anouska should be called a Roselily. If you have Cats and are worried about pollen, Anouska is not the one for you, if on the other hand, you are not bothered about pollen, why not give Anouska a try. Height about 80 cm flowers from mid July.

  • 1-2: £3.00
  • 3-4: £2.30
  • 5+: £2.00
Pink, White
Free draining, Acidic soil or Ericaceous compost
Full sun
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