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Yellow Space

  • Yellow Space
  • Yellow Space

Yellow Space originates from the USA, where it is refered to as an 'Orienpet'. Such hybrids tend to differ in several ways, to those raised in Europe, they are, as a rule, much more closely related to 'Black Beauty' and 'Lilium henryi'. With us 'Yellow Space' tends to take a couple of years to really get established, in the first year, bulbs tend to put up quite a weak stem, topped with only 2-3 flowers. The following year they tend to grow much more vigorously, big tall stems and many more flowers. Talking of the flowers they are  medium sized with reflexing petals, when fully open. Yellow Space prefers a sheltered site and normally needs staking. Makes a very good addition to a border, but probably not so good in containers. Not fussy about the soil PH, just needs free drainage. Flowers at our nursery from late July onwards. Offered as large size 20 cm + bulbs

  • 1-2: £2.50
  • 3-4: £2.00
  • 5-9: £1.50
  • 10+: £1.25
Any good soil, not fussy.
Full sun
Oriental x Trumpet
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