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Lily Casa Blanca

  • Lily Casa Blanca
  • Lily Casa Blanca

Casa Blanca was raised in New Zealand and was registered by Vletter Den Haan in 1975, this makes it one of the oldest Oriental hybrids that is still in commercial production. For a Lily, bred in the 1970s to still be available, it has to be good, 'Casa Blanca' is very good. For the cut flower trade many newer varieties have overtaken 'Casa Blanca', but for the Garden 'Casa Blanca' is still as popular as ever. This popularity is in part due to the fact that it starts flowering, 2-3 weeks later than other Orientals. Freshly planted bulbs grow about 90 Cm's tall, in the first season, when established they can produce stems to over 1.8 metres, reasonable strong stems that often need support. Must be planted in either an acidic soil or ericaceous compost, if not the leaves will be yellow and the flowers small. Flowers early August onward's. Bulb size 16/18 Cm's.

  • 1-2: £1.75
  • 3-4: £1.20
  • 5+: £1.00
Free draining, Acidic soil or Ericaceous compost
Full sun
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