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In 2013 'Snowboard' was introduced by H.W.Hyde & Son at The Chelsea Flower Show. In warm conditions 'Snowboard' has snow white flowers, but if it is cool, they can turn pink!. This was illustrated only too well at the show, on the first day, pure white flowers, by day 3, pale pink. Bred by Arie Peterse while he was at 'Marklily', it is the parent to many of our 'Lotus Lilies'. As with all orientals ' Snowboard' likes an ericaceous compost, for this reason it is most suited to growing in a large container, for 3 bulbs one of about 30 cm's in diameter is ideal. Flowers are produced from mid July onward's and the plants grow between 60 to 90 cm's tall. Supplied as size 16 cm plus bulbs, each of which should produce between 5 to 8 flowers in the first year. Price reduction for 2017.

  • 1-2: £2.00
  • 3-4: £1.50
  • 5+: £1.20
Free draining, Acidic soil or Ericaceous compost
Full sun/ part shade
Lotus Lily
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