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Sweet Desire

  • Sweet Desire
  • Sweet Desire

Sweet Desire was named by H.W.Hyde in 2013, as with all new lilies until then it was only known by a breeding number. Naming Lilies is not easy, first you have to think of a name, then check to see if has been used before, after this an application is made to the RHS Lily register and the K.A.V.B., often at this point the chosen name gets rejected, so it's back to square one. With 'Sweet Desire' we were lucky and the name was accepted, so we entered a plant into 'The Chelsea Plant of the year competition' it was voted into the 'Top twenty new plants' beating all the other Lilies that other companies entered. 'Sweet Desire' is the forerunner in a new range of L.A. hybrids from Vletter Den Haan, they are the result of hybridising a standard 'Tango type Asiatic' with a 'Longiflorum hybrid'. This cross produces super hybrids, which combines, 'Tango style' markings on the flowers with the extreme vigour of a Longiflorum. Big well scented flowers and extremely strong stems, which tend to grow about 1 metre tall in the first season, Crop failure 


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Longiflorum x Asiatic
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