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Lily Taurus

  • Lily Taurus
  • Lily Taurus
  • Lily Taurus

Taurus is another variety up that until recently we only knew by its breeding code. Produces huge, lemon yellow flowers from the middle of June onwards, whereas they look great on their own, to us they are even more stunning when set off by other colours. Many of our customers like to plant bulbs of such as 'Taurus' late in the season. From planting, to seeing the first flowers, is normally about 12 weeks. So bulbs planted in say early June, will give you flowers in September, this is true for all L.A. hybrids. Grows well in any good quality soil. Supplied as size 18 cm + bulbs.

  • 1-2: £1.75
  • 3-4: £1.20
  • 5+: £1.00
Any good soil, not fussy.
Full sun/ part shade
Longiflorum x Asiatic
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