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Lily Difference

  • Lily Difference
  • Lily Difference

When visiting Vletter den Haan we often see amazing new Lilies, Difference is one. The worlds first golden-yellow, commercially available, L X LA hybrid, is one of the most popular new lilies in China. Such complex hybrids used to be impossible, but with new breeding techniques, the impossible is becoming a reality. With a delicate Longiflorum perfume, if you like the kind of colour of African Queen but find the perfume too strong then this one might be a good one for you to try, although it is a little bit lighter in colour. Not as heady as some OT's (Tree Lilies). Due to the sheer size of the plants, huge stems, 1.5 m plus tall, ideal for the back of borders, or big heavy container, not fussy about soil PH.

more pictures as soon as it has flowered in our trial beds. Supplied as large bulbs size 20 cm +.


  • 1-2: £2.75
  • 3+: £2.50
Orange, Yellow
Any good soil, not fussy.
Full sun
Asiatic, Longiflorum
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