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Lily Purple Marble

  • Lily Purple Marble
  • Lily Purple Marble

There are a lot of theories around as to what type of Lily Purple Marble is, some say its a longiflorum X oriental, others think its Trumpet X Asiatic, well, having grown it we think it may well be a Longiflorum X Asiatic. The reason we say this is because it has all the elegance of an Asiatic plus a subtle longiflorum type perfume. Bulbs planted early in the season tend to flower at about 120cm tall, planted later they will be much shorter. In mid-August of last year we planted some outside in mid-August they flowered beautifully in late October. The photos here were taken in October, as you will see they were stunning, despite almost constant rain. Grows equally as well in any well-drained Alkaline soil, or multipurpose compost. Starts to flower here in the U.K. from late June onward's, can need some form of support. Bulb size 16 cm +.

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  • 3+: £1.20
Free draining, Alkaline soil or Multipurpose compost
Full sun
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