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Lily Allen

  • Lily Allen
  • Lily Allen

Lily Allen is one of H.W.Hyde's exclusive varieties. A few years ago we were asked if it was possible to name a lily after 'Lily Allen', if so, could we email some pictures of possible varieties. A week or so later we got an email back saying the singer had picked 'The orange and black one'. Now the fun started, as you are not allowed to use the word 'Lily', when naming a Lily. To get around this the registered name is 'Popstar', with a trade designate of 'Lily Allen'. One of the most stunning varieties around, vibrant orange and black flowers, very strong stems that get to about 75 Cm's tall, from newly planted bulbs and up to 1.3 metres when established, flowers late June onward's. Bulb size 14 cm +.

Withdrawn from sale while our stocks are built up.



Black, Orange
Free draining, Alkaline soil or Multipurpose compost
Full sun/ part shade
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