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Lilium pumilum

  • Lilium pumilum
  • Lilium pumilum

Lilium pumilum is also known as 'The Coral Lily'. A lovely little species which originates from the far East. A well-grown specimen can get to about 60 cm's tall with 20 or more, glowing orange, perfumed flowers, each of which are little more than 2 cm's in diameter. It is one of the first Lilies to start flowering, often starting in early May. Likes a well-drained soil that is either slightly acidic or Alkaline. When compared with either 'Lilium lancifolium' or 'Lilium davidii' this species is not as easy to grow, but it is an elegant beauty, worthy of the effort. Whereas the bulbs are short-lived, 'Lilium pumilum' does produce an abundance of fertile seed, this seed only takes about 2 years to flower, from sowing, so with a little effort, a good colony is not hard to establish. One interesting fact is that the orange colouration, in for instance the Longiflorum x Asiatic hybrid 'Eniac' is inherited from 'Lilium pumilum'. Naturally only grows from a small bulb, size 10 cm +.

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Free draining, Mildly acidic / alkaline
Full sun
Asiatic, Specie
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