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Lilium leichtlini

  • Lilium leichtlini
  • Lilium leichtlini

Lilium leichtlini is one of the easiest of all species Lilies to grow. While 'Lilium leichtlini' makes a super show when it's planted on it's own, to us it's even better, when planted with others with similar Turk's Cap flowered lilies, such as 'Lilium lancifolium' and 'Red Velvet' are just two such varieties that spring to mind. Several forms of Lilum leichtlini exist, we are offering here the 'Commercial form', it is very strong growing, with stems often over 1.5m tall, each of which can have 20 or more flowers from mid July onward's. Very often people confuse Turk's cap flowers Asiatics with Martagon Lilies, there is an easy way to tell them apart, asiatics have scattered leaves up the stem, Martagons produce leaves in whorls. Bulb size 14 cm +.

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Free draining, Alkaline soil or Multipurpose compost
Full sun
Asiatic, Specie
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