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Alstroemeria Inticancha Havana

  • Alstroemeria Inticancha Havana
  • Alstroemeria Inticancha Havana

We have just potted up a new batch of Havana plants they should be ready for shipping in around the middle of June (weather permitting). Havana was not due for release until 2021 but we managed to get some in 2020. According to the breeder, it is a great improvement on existing yellow varieties, were pleased to say this is true, Havana lives up to its billing! it is the best yellow-flowered dwarf alstroemeria. Flowers from June until the first frosts and is a favourite for our Bumblebees, butterflies and other beneficial insects. Flowers from June up until the first hard frosts. Havana is the perfect choice for both large containers and in the front of borders, dwarf habit with flowering stems up to 30 cm' tall, Like all Inticancha alstroemerias it likes a bit of protection in cold Winters, will survive temperatures down to around minus 5c but not much lower. We start shipping our garden ready alstroemeria plants from around the beginning of May, they can be reserved now for shipping then, or for collection from our nursery near Horsham, if you choose to collect your plants you pay on the day, plus we will give you a discount of £1 off each plant, a good reason to have a trip out?

To prevent damage in transport alstroemeria plants cannot be combined with any of our other items to save on postage, they are shipped separately.

  • 1+: £8.50
Free draining soil or multipurpose compost
Full sun/ part shade
Plant height:
Dwarf grows to betweeen 30-40 cm tall
Pack size:
Supplied as garden ready plants in 11cm pots.
Shipped in:
Out of Stock

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