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Allium ampeloprasum Pink Lady

  • Allium ampeloprasum Pink Lady
  • Allium ampeloprasum Pink Lady

Pink Lady produces heads which are tightly packed with deep pink flowers, these normally open from mid July onwards, height about 125 cm. Looks best when planted at the back of a border, because as the flowers open the leaves die back. The leaves of Allium ampeloprasum varieties resemble those of Leeks (the popular vegetable), in that unlike most alliums they grow up the stem. New shoots often emerge in mid Winter, slowly in late spring the flower buds start forming, initially the tops of the stems often bend over (bit like a walking stick), but by the time the flowers open they are straight. Bulbs need planting before Winter sets in, mid September to mid October is perfect. When open the flowers attract a huge amount of Bee's and Butterflies to feed on them. 

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Any well drained soil, not clay.
Full sun
Alliums speciality
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