Black Beauty

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Black Beauty is regarded by some as the first 'OT' hybrid, not exactly correct because it is the result of crossing Lilium henryi with Lilium speciosum. lightly perfumed dark purple flowers about 14 cm in diameter, we can't quite explain why, when you take an orange-flowered species and cross it with a pink one the resulting hybrid has purple flowers, but in this case it did. Here in the UK, freshly planted bulbs tend to grow to about 1m tall, in the first season, and from the second year on, with us, they often grow to over 2m. Unlike modern hybrids, the stems tend to need staking, so take great care when positioning the stake so as not to damage the bulbs. Some would argue that 'Black Beauty' is not as showy as modern hybrids, but it is well-growing, when established it is quite possible for a stem to produce 40 plus flowers. Late flowering often not starting until early August. They like full sun, in any good free draining soil or compost fully hardy but can rot in a very wet winter. Bulb size 20/22cm.

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