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Anastasia is a huge 'Orienpet' originally from the USA, when we say huge we mean it, as established bulbs can easily produce stems over 2 m's tall.  H.W. Hyde first exhibited 'Anastasia' at the Tatton Park Flower Show in 2009, where it was the centerpiece of our display. Since then 'Anastasia' has proved to be a popular choice with our customers. Like all 'Orienpet lilies' Anastasia bulbs take time to establish, once they are, there's no stopping them. 'Anastasia' is only suitable for borders, bulbs planted in containers never show their true potential. A good stem often has 20 or more widely spaced, downwards-facing flowers, each of which has a delicate perfume. Flowers from early August onward.Bulb size 20/22cm.

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